Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming Soon...

A post about some of the funny things that have happened in Jeru/Egypt... Check back later this week :)

For now? A picture of Jayne, Lou, Me, and Animal in the Private Garden at Gethsemane


mark said...


This is Mark from Guest Services. I just read all your blogposts and am thrilled that you get to have this experience. Its so much better than anyone could ever tell you about!

I loved reading your posts because it brings back so many memories. I'm reliving the experiences through both yours and Stephens blogs. Tell him I said hi!

Have a great week and keep posting.


mark said...


Your pictures along the Nile River were incredible! Everytime I see amazing picture opportunities that I never took I get jealous.

Brittany R said...

Hey Heidi! I love reading your blog! I SO wish I could have done something like that while I was at BYU, but anyway...I wanted to say thanks for calling me on my birthday! You're always one friend I can anticipate a call from on my birthday!